What to Consider When Trying to Buy the Best Cordless Drill

Investing in the best cordless drill could go a long way. A cordless drill could be one of (if not the single) the most important power tool you’ll ever buy. The drill is most versatile when it comes to dealing with projects of any scopes. Big projects such as kitchen remodeling or deck building can be tackled easily with this tool. Smaller projects, including fixtures installation or furniture assembly, will be done at a shorter duration. Chances are you will need a drill to fix your other tools as well. So, it is fair to say that purchasing the best drill can directly or indirectly influence your life as a whole. You can resort to corded drill but the cordless one serves as a convenience as you do not have to be confined to a certain area within the range of the power cable.

Forgoing the cable, cordless drills would instead rely on Li-ion batteries that are rechargeable…


Determining the best cordless drill is a rather tricky endeavor. You can choose the heavy-duty drills if you want to use the tool mainly for big projects. These drills are flexible enough in terms of drill bit compatibility so they can even be used for drilling into concrete block or bricks. As such, these drills are the most expensive and the heaviest. If your works revolves more around drilling into wooden materials, then the general-use drills should be enough. But if you use a drill for household tasks, the light-duty drills will be your best mate. These drills can be used to assemble furniture, replace light fixtures, and drill into drywall. After determining your purpose, you can choose one that suits your need although it’s okay to have one from each category—if you have the money, that is.

The best cordless drill must meet the following criteria:

Chuck size

The size of the chuck correlates with the drill’s capability and power. Larger chucks indicate powerful drill.

Charger and charge indicator

Old Li-ion batteries must be operated under certain circumstances for the best performance. New generations of Li-ion batteries and their chargers come with a feature that prevents overcharging. Indicators function as a signal for you once the battery is fully charged. For more tips always go to www.elektra-beckum.com

The batteries

Pay attention to battery’s voltage and amp hours. An 18-volt drill is more powerful than the same brand’s 12-volt one. However, a 14-volt drill of a brand could be no more powerful than other brand’s 12-volt one. Amp hours are synonymous with run time. A 4-amp-hour battery runs twice longer than a 2-amp-hour one and is heavier.

Brushless motor

A brushless motor will reduce work material’s friction and resistance while at the same time adjusts the power from the battery.

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